Tower Technician I

Location: NC, SC

Telecommunication Tower Technician is a member of a crew performing general construction activities with an emphasis on tower system installation and maintenance and inspection of existing support structures used in the provision of essential telecommunication systems, including personal wireless communications, public safety communications, utility networks, and broadcasting.


  • Supports the build and maintenance of cell towers, small cells, outdoor distributed antenna system (oDAS) and other wireless equipment and structures, as a member of a 2-3 person team.
  • Completes scopes of work assigned by the team foreman while ensuring safety, quality, timelines and financial expectations are met for commercial deployment of services in support of client expectations.
  • Part of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP), which is approximately one year of full-time on-the-job training. Credit for previous work can be applied.
  • Onsite support and training will include:
    • Grounding installation of antennas
    • Antenna mounts, microwaves, co-ax lines, tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs), radio frequency (RF) jumpers, remote electrical down-tilts, Bias-T’s, remote radio heads
    • Fiber/DC Hybrid cables
    • Sweep and passive intermodulation (PIM) testing
    • Site audits and maintenance tasks
    • Troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance
    • Support for ensuring safe work conditions and adhering to TeknoGRID safety protocols


  • Thrill-seeker who excels at climbing 200+ feet into the air on telecommunications antennas and conducting professional work while at the top
  • An excellent safety record
  • TeknoGRID highly values transferable skills from military experience (radioman, comm techs, field radio personnel)
  • Able to work in varying and harsh weather conditions
  • Relevant experience includes but is not limited to: rock-climbing, tree-trimming, linesman, parachuting
  • Construction experience
  • Valid driver’s license

About TeknoGRID

TeknoGRID is committed to delivering outstanding service and integrity to every client engagement. We design, construct, operate IT and telecom systems for public and private facility owners and operators. We are focused on striving for our “Big Vision” at becoming a recognized leader + driving force in deploying and servicing “Smart City” and “IOT” State of the Art systems and services. Our goal is that property developers, telecom providers, and public & nonprofit organizations will continue to look to us as a valued partner.

Hired candidates will be required to submit to a criminal background check and subject to a drug screen.

TeknoGRID is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action employer.